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50 Cent, Up Close and Personal In Houston

50 Cent - Photo © Manuel Nauta
50 Cent at Arena Theater in Houston – Photo © Manuel Nauta

Saturday night June 12, 50 Cent brought “The Invitation” tour to the Arena Theater in Houston, Texas. The Arena theater is not a big venue, it has a circular stage in the middle with all the seats going around it and no seat is more than sixty feet from the stage. I was very surprised to see that maybe only half of the seats were sold. However, this was the second show I have been to this week where the turn out was low ( see Goo Goo Dolls at Austin Music Hall review). Maybe the economy is so bad that people can not afford these very expensive tickets. Around 10 o’clock, 50 Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson III ) walked onto the stage with Tony Yayo. The crowd rose to their feet and loudly cheered and clapped. Since this is a round theater, there were several aisles leading up to the stage, each aisle quickly filled up with people as they wanted to get closer to the stage and possibly touch 50 as he walked around at the edge of the stage. There was a real club feeling to the show since the audience could get so close up.

50 Cent looked like had had gained back a substantial amount of weight since his dramatic weight loss for the movie “Things Fall Apart” in which he plays a cancer-ridden football player ( This hip-hop star, rapper, actor, millionaire and corporate spokes person sure brings a special vibe to his shows. I am not a particular fan of rap, nor do I have much knowledge of the genre, but this was one hell of a concert.

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