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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009: Les Savy Fav French Kisses Crowd

Les Savy Fav, 2009 - Photo © Manuel Nauta
Les Savy Fav, 2009 - Photo © Manuel Nauta

According to Les Savy Fav‘s outspoken vocalist Tim Harrington, their performance at this year’s Fun Fun Fun fest was an one act circus. There was a lizard mask, wedding dress, finger paints in both red and brown, blue underwear complimented by purple hose, a gigantic bouncing beer gut, and white gloves. Never one for subtleties, Harrington wrapped a scarf around his head and blew hard into it as it covered his face, causing it to protrude forward in a phallic manner. Did I mention he crawled into the crowd and french kissed a dude! Oh yeah, there was the band’s music as well. Seth Jabour (guitar), Harrison Haynes (drums), Syd Butler (bass), and Andrew Reuland (guitar) seemed amazingly calm and understated as they rocked while Tim was frolicking around with his finger paint.

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