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Roger Waters Performs The Wall

Roger Waters - photo © Manuel Nauta
Roger Waters - photo © Manuel Nauta

Pink Floyd’s legendary bassist Roger Waters performed The Wall at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday night November 20, 2010. Although Pink Floyd aficionados might argue the details, The Wall was essentially Roger Waters brainchild and maybe also the final destructive force that led to the animosity between Roger Water and his band mates David Gilmore, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. Other than a one-time reunion for Live 8 in 2005 the band members do not perform or talk with each other.

This show was all about Roger Waters, and why not? He plays an amazing bass line and brings to live the legendary music from The Wall. The show opened with “In The Flesh” during which there were men with gas-masks lined up on the stage holding flags as the pyro-techniques blasted all over the stage. Fire work rockets criss-crossed over the stage leaving smoke trails, walls of sparkling fireworks rose up from the stage and a small plane flew trough the arena and “crashed” into the stage creating a big fireball. There was so much going on and around the stage that it was difficult as photographer to concentrate on any one event. The Wall on stage was build with large white blocks on which were projected peoples faces and hovering over the stage was an enormous puppet creature with glowing eyes. During “Another Brick In The Wall 2,” children lined up on stage to sing along with the chorus wearing t-shirts that read “Fear Builds Walls.” Regretfully, after this song my time in the photo pit was up and I had to leave.

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