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Roger Waters “The Wall Live” 2012 Tour in Austin, Texas

Roger Waters "The Wall Live" tour 2012 © Manuel Nauta
Roger Waters "The Wall Live" tour 2012 © Manuel Nauta

Austin, Texas – May 3, 2012: Roger Waters, the iconic founding member of the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, once again has taken his brain child “The Wall” on a world wide tour this year. The tour started in 2010, played 150 shows and grossed $218 million dollares. Due to this phenomenal success “The Wall Live” is once again on a world tour. It takes a lot to put this show on, when I walked up to the arena, I counted at least 25 trailer trucks and maybe eight or nine luxury coaches. The stage for the evening was almost 6 feet tall and divided down the middle with a higher part of the stage toward the back. This separation was the line were The Wall was build up during the show, until it completely stretched from one end of the stage to the other. The Wall was used to display elaborate projections with slogans and images as the songs progressed. I did notice a malfunction with one of the stage effects, the small airplane that was supposed to crash into one part of The Wall did not go off as expected. When I saw the show in 2010, that crash with the pyrotechnic effects was great. If you have not seen this show, make sure you get to see it when it comes to your area, this is a must see rock and roll event.

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