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The Cult at Waterloo Records, SXSW 2012

Billy Duffy at SXSW 2012 Waterloo Records © Manuel Nauta
Billy Duffy at SXSW 2012 Waterloo Records © Manuel Nauta

Austin, Texas – March 16, 2012: To my great amazement, the British post punk rock band The Cult, did a parking lot show at Waterloo Records during South by Southwest (SXSW) this year. Each year, Waterloo Records, the best independent record store still in business, hosts free concerts during SXSW in the parking lot of the strip mall they are in which is on the corner of 6th Street and Lamar. This is a small parking lot, but people love to come out here every year and listen to quality music. This year 32 bands played during the four day festival, including Foxy Shazam, Howler, Lucero, Jimmy Cliff, Howlin Rain and The Cult to name but a few (complete listing here: Waterloo Records).

Thousands of fans packed the parking lot late Friday afternoon to hear the Cult. First they did not agree to allow live video streaming or photographers to shoot the show, but then they graciously changed their mind and gave approval. They must have seen that this was not a run of the mill show. The incredible mini-festival atmosphere must have impressed them and caused them to change their mind. Then there was a long delay because of some technical difficulties, standing at the front of the stage waiting to take photos, I heard dozens of F bombs being thrown around. The manager was frustrated and said “we are going on no matter what, I don’t care if some mic or bass amp is not working, F this and F that.” Once the music started, all seemed fine and the boys rocked it all the way. Billy Duffy loves to pose for the camera! We got to shoot the whole show, not just the first 3 songs. The Waterloo Records’ party is probably one of the best places to be for SXSW.

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